what is the law of attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?

Can you manifest your dream life using the power of belief and the Law of Attraction? Let’s find out by asking What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction has been gaining popularity recently. It’s a great place to start with spirituality and understanding the laws of the universe, but it can be an overwhelming concept to understand.

This post has been written to help clarify and develop your understanding so you know exactly what is the law of attraction. Let’s jump in.

The Law of Attraction uses the power of your mind to translate your thoughts and materialize them into reality. In short, your thoughts will turn into real things, eventually.

This works both ways – negative thoughts will attract negative circumstances, and positive thoughts will help you to achieve goals and turn dreams into realities.

Below, I’ve put together a quick guide revolving around the Law of Attraction. I hope you use it as a pedestal to your spiritual living.

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The Law of Attraction summarized

It’s one of life’s biggest mysteries. It can be hard to discover how the Law of Attraction impacts our day to day life – regardless of if we’re doing it knowingly or unknowingly. So, what is it?

In short, the Law of attraction means that we are human magnets – with every thought and emotion, we are attracting something back.

The unfortunate truth is; many of us are  completely oblivious to the potential that we hold . As a result, we don’t check up on our thoughts and emotions as much as we should. This ultimately attracts the wrong events in our life.

Once this power is understood, you can begin to effectively apply it to your everyday life. Your future is yours to change.

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Where did the Law of Attraction come from?

The Law of Attraction has been transforming lives for decades. It’s believed to have first been taught by Buddha. His teachings, allegedly, revolved around “what you have become is what you have thought.”

Importantly, the West also adopted the idea of “Karma” – again, supporting the view that your actions and thoughts can impact your future.

In fact, it’s an extremely common belief that what you put out to the world, can return what happens in your own life.

This is why giving out happiness and love is seen as so important.

Proof of the Law of Attraction can be discovered in multiple teachings across various civilizations and religions.

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Is The Law of Attraction legit?

This is what I get asked the most; it’s understandable to be skeptical. Most people don’t know what is the law of attraction, so they are often unsure if it can work.

It is that understandable doubt that we need to work on.

Throughout history, many great men and women have shown that the Law of Attraction is one of the greatest powers.

It’s a difficult concept for many to accept – it comes with realizing that every event in life has been shaped by you. Once you accept it’s truth, you can begin to take charge and free yourself from worry and negativity.

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The science behind the Law of Attraction

Don’t just take my word for it; let’s look at the facts.

Quantum Physics, believe it or not, has helped to bring attention to the Law of Attraction.

In short, Quantum Physics teaches that nothing is fixed, and everything is vibrating energy. Relating this to our minds? We can transform this every-changing energy, which puts our thoughts into reality.

You don’t have to have a thorough understanding of Quantum Physics, as long as you can accept that we are the true creators and controllers of our life. It’s all in the energy that we are made of.

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How can we use the Law of Attraction?

So, how can we use this in our life?

How can we turn the hopes and dreams of our life into reality?

It requires actionable effort, and day-to-day practice.

Below, I’ve briefly explained how you can use it in your life, using popular examples. Once you begin practicing, there are truly no restrictions.

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Using the Law of Attraction for your work and career

We all want to be successful in life. Of course, the definition of success differs from person to person.

For many, success comes from a certain career path. In this case, you should let your curiosity guide you.

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The interests that you’re attracted to may seem irrelevant, but you’re drawn to these things for a reason. It’ll become obvious.

What would you do if money wasn’t an object?

Don’t set artificial limits for yourself, and begin manifesting your dream job, promotion, or using your passion for success.

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Using the Law of Attraction for love and relationships

While you should always focus on being your own autonomous person, the Law of Attraction can help your love life.

You can use many exercises that will improve your charisma, confidence, and overall willingness to accept love into your life.

Law of Attraction can help you attract romance into your life and give you signs that you are ready to meet the love of your life.

Using the Law of Attraction for money and wealth

Money puts a roof over your head, fuels your body, and helps you provide for your loved ones.

Our troubled relationships with money bring negative emotions – greed and vanity. In order to attract money, you must banish these negative thought patterns.

Remember, Law of Attraction preaches that positivity breeds positivity. You must craft positive money habits, and in turn, you will create wealth.

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How to start with the Law of Attraction

It’s a lot to take in, and this is a very brief summary of the Law of Attraction. You may not know where to begin, and that’s normal.

There are tonnes of resources online and tools that you can use to cultivate a positive life.

I recommend starting with a dream list and actively trying to begin your day with happiness and gratitude. It would be useful to write down things your grateful for every day.

Affirmations are also a great way to tune in your mind and open yourself to positivity. Daily affirmations are a routine that many practice in order to establish improvements in our lives.

In summary, never underestimate the power of your mind and the universe. Adopting the Law of Attraction teachings can transform your life.

I hope this blog post has gone some way to answer that burning question – What is the Law of Attraction?

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daily affirmations that work

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