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35 Life-Changing Positive Affirmations For The Morning

Ah, the mornings. They’re not the easiest for the mass majority of us. Especially those particularly tired, cold, moody mornings.

“Just 5 more minutes in bed” we tell ourselves just to avoid starting the day!

The fact is, some mornings will always be easier than others.

However, with the use of daily affirmations, you can ensure that your mornings are easier, and you start the day in the best possible way.

Below, I have listed some of my favorite positive affirmations for the morning – all in categories, to help you achieve your daily goals.

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Don’t give up just yet, and fall into the trap of saying “I’m not a morning person”.

These little phrases could be all you need to start the day on the front foot and look forward to even the bleakest mornings.

Let’s get started.

Morning Affirmations For Success

Of course, the first thing you’ll probably think about when you wake up is work. Spending most of your waking hours serving your employer or building your own dreams.

It’s usually the main reason we get up early and go about our morning routine. Often, success is the first thought for

Whether we want a promotion, a new job, more money, or to just be content.

I totally understand that is different for everybody. It’s a complex, fluid concept.

lots of morning essentials laid out on a bed

One person might consider a family as a success, whereas another may consider being a CEO as a success.

Whatever you want – try these positive morning affirmations to reinforce that belief of your inevitable success.

I have everything that I need to make today amazing.

I am passionate about my work and focused on my goals.

I work well under pressure.

My intentional actions bring me closer to all my goals.

I am the architect of my own life.

bed all crumpled up as you get up in the morning

Morning Affirmations For Confidence

It’s extremely normal for you to want to gain more confidence – we tell ourselves that a little confidence is the key to our next achievement.

If only I was more confident, I could easily get that job promotion….if only I was confident enough to approach that guy at the gym.

When you wake up, right before your strong but sweet-smelling morning coffee, you might not feel the most confident.

wake up early and stretch

Make sure that you repeat these positive affirmations for the morning to yourself, to help bring about a little more swagger to your day.

I have all the courage I need to change my life.

I have great ideas and make amazing contributions.

I am completely independent, determined, and creative

I feel calm and powerful, even when challenges come my way.

I am enough, and always will be.

Morning Affirmations For a Great Day

Let’s be honest, we all want to have a good day – it would be strange not to.

We’re all worthy of having amazing days, and a bad day can really take the wind out of our sales.

To ensure that you have a good day, you have to begin with the very start – the morning.

The positive affirmations for the morning below will help ensure sure that you have the best possible day, even when challenges and frustrations arise.

Today will be a productive and amazing day.

Each day is filled with joy.

I am surrounded by love and joy.

Life is a beautiful gift, I am blessed.

Happiness flows in abundance through me.

have a good positive morning

Morning Affirmations For Happiness

For most of us, all we want in life is to be happy. That is totally understandable.

Happiness is so important, not just for the mornings but for everything. It helps us achieve our personal and professional goals. It is the benchmark as to why we do what we do,

Happiness also helps us make our way through this weird little life, with a positive mindset.

morning coffee whilst doing your positive affirmations

Start the day with these positive affirmations for the morning and you’ll feel a lot more prepared to embrace the day ahead with positivity.

I will attract happy people and happiness today.

My happy mood grows stronger day by day.

I am surrounded by beauty.

All my relationships are healthy, happy, and loving.

Good energy is flowing throughout me.

stretching out and preparing for morning affirmations

Morning Affirmations For a New Start

Perhaps all you want is a fresh start – a chance to make a big change and start anew.

These are also perfect for those going through changes in their life. For instance, a breakup, a career change, or anything else overwhelming.

I can trust the process, even if I don’t understand it.

Something wonderful is about to happen.

I am willing to forgive others and myself for everything.

I choose love over bitterness.

I thank the universe for supporting me and pushing me, even in ways that I don’t understand.

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Morning Affirmations For Gratitude

In a hectic, “always on“, and often stressful world – it’s something we should all practise a bit more – gratitude.

Being thankful, especially the first thing in the morning will really help you to begin the day with such an amazing attitude. You’ll be able to do anything that you want!

Here they are:

I am grateful for everything in my life.

I am thankful for a new day, that I have been blessed with.

Thank you for all that you are.

My advantages are much stronger than the disadvantages.

I appreciate everything that has brought me to this point in my life.

Morning Affirmations For Every Day

If you wake up in the morning, and you’re not entirely sure what you want to do or feel (it happens a lot), don’t worry, I’ve got some positive affirmations for the morning for you, too.

These are just generic and powerful affirmations, that you should practice every single day.

Today is a beautiful day.

If I want to change the world, I need to change me first.

I am happy that I woke up this morning and embraced the day.

I appreciate all the people that are a part of my life.

I wake up excited for the day that will follow.

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How Should I Do Affirmations?

Step By Step Guide to Maximizing Affirmations?
1. Make yourself comfortable in a quiet and non distracting environment. Switch off the TV, remove the clutter, and relax.

2. Start the day by reading out your list of positive affirmations – this allows your mind to preframe the day with positivity.

3. Repeat your affirmations at the end of the day before sleep, so they are one of your final thoughts and reflections.

4. Repeat each positive statement at least 3 times.

5. Speak slowly and clearly, and with conviction.

6. Breath deeply and try and retain an air of calmness.

How To Make Positive Affirmations For The Morning Work

So, with all these amazing ideas, how can you make these affirmations work for you, and impact your morning in the way that you want to?

The first step is in believing in your positive affirmations. Trust in everything that you’re declaring to yourself, and repeat to yourself regularly.

These statements, that you’re making to yourself every morning, should be a declaration of truth. Think of it like making a promise to yourself.

An affirmation will be effective if you practice it the right way. It will give you hope, motivate, and program your mind to work on a certain idea.

In the grand scheme of things, your mind doesn’t know the difference between real and a vision. That’s why we feel deep emotions when watching a movie or reading a fiction novel.

That’s why affirmations work for us.

I hope these daily positive affirmations for the morning make your life easier. That they enable you to seize the day, and begin it in the best way possible.

Leave me a comment with your favorite morning affirmation and how it has helped you?

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