affirmation of self love blog post
Joanna Reed

28 Perfect Affirmations for Self Love

We go through life, making tonnes of new relationships, passing milestones, and achieving many goals. Something that becomes apparent during all this time is that

Joanna Reed

7 Powerful Affirmations of Love

7 Powerful Affirmations of Love Are you searching for love in your life? Remember that love comes in many forms, not just in romantic relationships.

positive affirmations for anxiety
Joanna Reed

77 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Each day is a new day. It can bring joy and laughter, or tears and distress. We constantly cycle through various emotions. Often these are

positive affirmations for men short
Joanna Reed

94 Positive Affirmations for Men

There are 3.88 Billion Men in the world according to the global population estimates. Men of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity and nationalities. A vast amount

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