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77 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Each day is a new day. It can bring joy and laughter, or tears and distress.

We constantly cycle through various emotions.

Often these are natural human responses, but they can develop into more serious issues.

Anxiety is the perfect example.

That’s why I have written this post to discuss positive affirmations for anxiety.


What is Anxiety?

When we feel worried or scared, we feel anxious, especially about what we perceive is about to happen, either now or in the future.

We all feel anxious at times, especially in stressful situations or times of change.

The day I started my new job, I was anxious beyond belief.

The anticipation of whether I would be good enough and fit in with my new colleagues.

What would they think of me? What if my old job was better? Would I get there on time?

This feeling of threat causing a physical reaction. A release of hormones (adrenaline and cortisol), when the danger is over more hormones are released to disengage that state of alert.

Anxiety is normal.

It is the “fight or flight” reaction that kicks in without thinking. Part of the issue is that this mechanism can initiate in normal situations with no immediate danger.

Anxiety can go beyond this and become an overwhelming disorder.

A mental health issue that impacts your ability to live a normal life. If this is you, then please reach out to qualified people that can help you.


Can Affirmations Help With Anxiety?

Affirmations can help people cope with anxiety in several ways.

  1. Positively reinforcing change, in areas of your life that you focus on.
  2. Acting as a distraction to the stresses that trigger anxiety. Calming the overactive thought processes.
  3. Refocuses your energy on positivity and calmness
  4. Allows you to regain control of your emotional state and focus your mind

Affirmations can help us cope with anxiety, but it isn’t an overnight success story. You must be willing to open your mind and learn to adapt routines of using them.

suffering from anxiety

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are words, or simple statements that we repeatedly verbalize in order to retrain our subconscious.

We repeat, out loud, positive phrases until we begin to rewire our brains. Ultimately then changing our behaviour and actions, and manifest self improvement.

This post is about sharing affirmations that help ease the pressures of anxiety and restore control and calm.

daily affirmations that work

What Are The Advantages of Affirmations?

By repeatedly stating positive statements we can reinforce our belief system and bring about changes to any part of our life that requires it.

It is a life changing process that enables us to become consciously aware of our thoughts, so we can eliminate the negative ones and reinforce the positive beliefs.

Not only are affirmations a source of motivation they keep our minds focused on goals.

If you want to be more successful in your career then using the right positive affirmations can achieve this by subconsciously redesigning your beliefs.

Affirmations have the potential to positively change the way you think and act.

How Should I Do Affirmations?
1. Make yourself comfortable in a quiet and non distracting environment. Switch off the TV, remove the clutter, and relax.

2. Start the day by reading out your list of positive affirmations – this allows your mind to preframe the day with positivity.

3. Repeat your affirmations at the end of the day before sleep, so they are one of your final thoughts and reflections.

4. Repeat each positive statement at least 3 times.

5. Speak slowly and clearly, and with conviction.

6. Breath deeply and try and retain an air of calmness.

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Each obstacle I overcome makes me a better person

I am capable of overcoming anything

I am in control of my world

I am able to look after myself

I no longer feel anxious about the future.

Every experience in my life helps me grow

Everything I seek can be found within

I accept myself unconditionally. Click To Tweet

I accept and love myself just the way I am.

I am ready to take on the day.

I am full of positive energy.

I am becoming more confident and stronger each day.

law of attraction belief realization

I am not made to give up

I am brave enough to climb any mountain.

I am at peace with my past and future decisions

I can cope with anything thrown at me

I understand that fear is normal, but it won’t dictate my life

I am calm, patient, and in control of my emotions.

I am proud of myself and all that I have accomplished.

I am energized by the thought of what I will achieve.

I am in absolute control of my anxiety.

I am able to achieve whatever I desire.

hands cup the sun radiant-life

I am able to conquer all the challenges I am confronted with.

I am courageous enough to beat any fear.

I am fully committed to achieving success in my life.

I am open to all the wealth life has to offer.

I am surrounded by abundance.

I am allowed to say “”No”” to others and “”yes”” to myself.

I am getting stronger every day.

I am courageous and overcome my fears by confronting them. Click To Tweet

I am my own best chance for success.

I am worthy of success.

I believe in myself.

I can, and will do this.

I choose faith over fear.

I choose to push on through the pain.

I choose what I become.

I do not fear anything.

I face difficulty with courage.

I have a growth mindset.

I have faith in myself I am able to meet the best decision possible. Click To Tweet

I have the power to change my story.

I know my worth.

I love myself and feel great about myself.

I see problems as interesting challenges.

manifest positive affirmations in light

I set myself free by forgiving myself.

I will not let others impose their limitations on me.

If I fail, I will fail forward.

I’ve decided that I am good enough.

My day is a blessing and a gift that I will not waste.

My destiny is made up of great things.

Positivity is a choice, I choose to be positive.

sunset and tree in serenity and positivity

The universe supports me in every possible way.

There are no wrong decisions.

When my need is strong enough, I will find a way.

Every day my inner voice becomes louder and clearer.

Every day my intuition serves me better.

I am ready to act on all inspiration that comes to me.

I confidently trust and follow my intuition.

I dare to follow my inner voice.

I easily allow my true feelings to guide me.

I follow the calm guidance of my inner being.

best affirmations for success

I have absolute faith in all my gut instincts.

I help others to feel positive about themselves.

I read inspirational books whenever I can.

I think and act with my heart and soul. Click To Tweet

I trust my inner being to lead me on the right path.

The more I trust and let go, the more inspiration I receive.

The universe constantly guides me in all that I do.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more insight into my life.

woman reflecting on daily positive affirmations

I am calm and controlled

I will make the right decision

I am able to make decisions with integrity

I am strong

I am unwavering in my desire to live my best life

I am willing and able to build a life of positivity

I control my destiny

woman praying and releasing bird manifestation

Final Word on Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

Remember that anxiety is generally normal. It is your body going into a natural state to cope with danger or stresses that are imminent. Fight or Flight response initiating.

However, some people do suffer from anxiety more than others. Changes and pressures in our lives cause anxiety to become problematic, and act in the wrong moments.

It can lead to mental health issues that impact our daily life.


This is perhaps one of the most powerful statements I have read regarding anxiety…

You know that feeling when you’re rocking on the back legs of your chair and suddenly for just a split second you think you’re about to fall; that feeling in your chest? Imagine that split second feeling being frozen in time and lodged in your chest for minutes/hours/days, and imagine with it that sense of impending doom and dread sticking around too, but sometimes you don’t even know why. – — Mind

I practice positive affirmations for anxiety in order to stay on top and in control of my feelings. I use affirmations to manifest change in myself where required. Maybe this will work for you too?

If you feel like you need help with an overwhelming anxiety disorder, please reach out to those close to you or qualified personnel and organizations.

best affirmations for success

I hope this post on positive affirmations for anxiety brought something of value to your life, please check out the other posts for more affirmations inspiration.

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