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28 Perfect Affirmations for Self Love

We go through life, making tonnes of new relationships, passing milestones, and achieving
many goals.

Something that becomes apparent during all this time is that there is one relationship more
important than anything.

The one that you have with yourself.

These affirmations for self love are designed to improve that inner state and increase your emotional wellbeing.

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What Is Self Love?

The very definition of self love is: regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

In other words, it is about an awareness of ourself – what we need to improve our general wellbeing and happiness.

We are at times our own worse enemy. Constantly striving for perfection and focusing on the aspects we don’t like about ourselves rather than the ones we DO like.

Surely you’ve seen the model girls – the ones that you think have everything – demonised by their own self-perception.

Maybe they don’t like a particular freckle or maybe they have more severe hangups about themselves. It often shows how, despite what others think of them, it is nothing without self love.

self care isnt selfish

If your self-perception is filled with negativity and emotional distance, then your whole life will feel the brunt.

I’ve compiled some of the best affirmations for self love that you can practice, that will help instil positivity into your life. Pick and choose which ones will work best for you, and personalise them to suit your needs.

Why affirmations for self love are so important

Self love affirmations do exactly what they say on the tin – they bring an inner acceptance to your life.

A way of reinforcing positive beliefs and dismissing those nasty critiques hat run through our own mind.

Maintaining this focus on yourself is crucial for your overall wellbeing and happiness. You deserve the best life you can imagine, so why make it hard on yourself?

When you take time to understand, accept, and love yourself – you will prosper in every single circumstance.

These positive affirmations are some of the most powerful ways that you can motivate and free yourself.

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What is the best way to do Affirmations?

1. Firstly, make yourself comfortable in a quiet and non-distracting environment. Switch off the TV, remove the clutter, and relax.

2. Start the day by reading out your list of positive affirmations – this allows your mind to preframe the day with positivity.

3. Repeat your affirmations at the end of the day before sleep, so they are one of your final thoughts and reflections.

4. Repeat each positive statement at least 3 times.

5. Speak slowly and clearly, and with conviction.

6. Breath deeply and try and retain an air of calmness.

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My Best Affirmations For Self Love

So, here are a few of my favourite affirmations to encourage self love.

I have everything I need within me

All you need in your life is yourself. That is the most important thing that you can remember. You don’t need material possessions or other people – all you need is yourself, and love for yourself.

Whenever you feel like you’re not enough, or need something extra, remember this. This affirmation will bring confidence to your life, and allow you to realise your own self-worth.

I believe in me

Do you have an important interview coming up? An exam? A date?

When we are placed in nerve-wracking situations, we can begin to doubt ourselves. This doubt manifests itself, making us more prone to failure.

Every morning, you need to remind yourself that you believe in you. You believe that you will make the right choices.

With this affirmation for self love, you will be less likely to second guess yourself, making every move with confidence and authority.

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I am not my mistakes

We are human – we all make mistakes. That’s the truth, and no affirmations can stop this. Not even an affirmation for self love….

But we can either dwell on our past mistakes or learn from them. That’s an important decision that we make in life and one that can change us forever.

While mistakes are an unavoidable, essential part of life, how we choose to bounce back from them makes the biggest difference.

In life, we are met with unexpected highs and lows. We have to remember our mistakes do not define us – they only make us stronger and enable us to grow.

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The past is the past, and our mistakes do not stay with us.

Everything I seek can be found within.

I accept myself unconditionally. Click To Tweet

I am not going to compare myself to others.

I am worthy of happiness and love.

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I am loved

We are on this earth for a reason, and we are so important to so many people. Sometimes, to really be able to love ourselves and value ourselves, we need to look around.

There’s a reason why so many people love you and respect you – you should do the same.

Look at how loved and special you are.

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I have all the power over my destiny

Sometimes, in a world filled with forces and power in every direction, we can feel totally helpless.

You need to remind yourself that the only person restricting you from succeeding or prospering is

Once you realise this, you will begin to love yourself, respect yourself, motivate yourself, and praise

Your destiny is in your hands, that’s an amazing amount of power to have.

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My struggles are just an opportunity to grow and learn

Everybody (yes, everybody) has struggled in life. That is literally what life is all about. How we choose to bounce back from those struggles makes all the difference in the world.

Struggles are the universe’s way of testing you. Take it as exactly that. Use it as a window to grow, learn, and come out on top.

Remember, mistakes and struggles also do not define us – they’re just life lessons.

I am healthy, energetic and optimistic.

I know my worth.

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I love myself and feel great about myself.

I radiate love, happiness, grace and positivity. Click To Tweet

My confidence knows no limits

I am healthy. I am beautiful. I am wise.

I am exactly where I need to be

Sometimes, we can feel lost or confused in current situations. If you’re feeling like this, it’s important to remind yourself that it’s for a reason.

You are exactly where you need to be, at the exact right time – show yourself some self love.

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I am powerful

Power is a subjective concept – and this affirmation for self love will prove to be extremely personal to you.

Remind yourself that you are powerful in every way. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and professionally. You have the power to change anything and everything.

I accept myself unconditionally

To love yourself, you must be in harmony with every aspect of yourself.

Physically and mentally – you must accept yourself. You must learn to love every part of yourself.

With social media playing such a heavy part in our lives, comparing ourselves is easy. We must end that, and love ourselves.

This is perhaps one of the most important affirmations for self love that you can practice.

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I am a magnet attracting abundance in my life.

I am at peace with myself.

I am the creator of my own life.

I am indestructible.

I feel good in my own skin. Click To Tweet

I am grateful For my life.

daily affirmations that work

I profoundly love myself.

My inner voice is always positive in any given situation.

Happiness is present in every thought that I have.

I hope these affirmations for self love help you in your quest to find inner happiness and absolute content. Remember, find a routine with practising these, and you’ll soon find inner peace, affection, and respect that you deserve.

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